David Aduragbemi — Driven by a Commitment to Humanity


    Guest: David Aduragbemi Ajayi is the founder of The Knowledge Ark Team, a group aimed aimed at enlightening and empowering people to discover and fulfil their purpose. He recently published his first book, a short story titled A Story that Touches, an undergraduate love tale. Besides, he is a currently a medical student of Ekiti State University. In this episode, I engage with David in a brief conversation about the purpose of The Knowledge Ark Team and the development of A Story that Touches.

    [bctt tweet=”To help humanity, I must first help myself.
    – David Aduragbemi” via=”@TopeAkintayo”]

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    This maiden episodes contains some​ background noises as it was actually​ recorded without any intention to be published. It wasn’t until later after the discussion was held that the idea of The Doers came up and I decided to make this the introductory episode. I promise that subsequent editions will be better than this in all ways.

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