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Wondering who Tope is?


A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

What do you want to know about me?

I am a blogger, reading writer, book lover, web designer, innovation/idea enthusiast, and self-acclaimed certified internet addict.

I am the founder of Icubed Initiative, a movement aimed at the design and provision of platforms and resources for the propagation of youth-targeted, mind expanding and life improving ideas, insights and inspirations.

I am a book lover, obsessively attracted to shelves, stores, corners, desks, laptops or persons in possession of books. I have way more books (both in paperback and in ebook format, with topics ranging from philosophy to science, sales, psychology, yoga, self development, etc) than I have read.

As a blogger, I’ve tried my hands on not less than 10 blogs since 2011 (actually, I spent more time designing these blogs than on writing for them). I had Pete Cashmore and Michael Harrington as role models in the blogosphere but as it is now I still don’t own a Mashable or TechCrunch equivalent. A pity.

As a reading writer. In a bid to get more familiar with and glean the best ideas and knowledge from the books I read, I try to write a review for almost every book I read (starting from December 2016).

My strongest distraction attraction is the internet. In fact, I’m a (self-accalaimed) certified internet addict. So, talk of web design and development, they are a natural interest of mine, with specialty in , HTML, CSS and JavaScr…(well, very soon, JavaScript and PHP, too).

I attended Aquinas College Akure for the first two years of my secondary school days and then I transferred to Christ’s School Ado-Ekiti following my parent’s relocation to Ekiti State. I’m currently an undergraduate student of Chemistry at Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti. I had my Industrial Training at Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO) within the period of April and September 2016 where I worked mainly on the extraction of Chitosan from crustacean shells. Interestingly, my first degree research project borders on the synthesis, characterization and antihypertensive evaluation of some Chitosan-metal complexes.

On work: I believe that wonders shall never end, but only as long as we keep creating them. So, we have to make it a point of duty to always work to create the wonders we wish for.

On creativity: I believe that the wisest way to create is by building on the shoulders of giants–both in the arts and in sciences, be it in poetry or in prose, coding or designing. Building on the other’s ideas has always been my first resort.

On faith: I believe that the Universe as a whole–which we are all a part of–is the God many religions seek. I agree more with Baruch Spinoza‘s idea of God (See Pantheism).

In 2015, I volunteered to take a web design class for the free skill acquisition programme organised for Ekiti State University students by Sedab Tender Hearts.

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