These piece of what I should be permitted to call poetry was inspired by “J” (name obviously withheld). I’ve adapted it into a two part motion video, each with a themed song. I invite you to enjoy and give your feedbacks.

1. Explode

Yesterday you said, “goodbye”
I said, “Okay, I’ll cope”
I shouldn’t have let you go,
I feel like I’m loosing you.

Hey, you practice witchcraft?
You learnt it from somewhere?
You keep finding your way
Into everyone of my thoughts.

You’ve bewitched me!
I need to be free!
But I don’t want to be free.
You’ve made freedom
Feel like a curse.

I didn’t know what love is
You taught me,
Now, I’m free-falling in it.
I learn too fast, too much,
I’ve known.

This speed is killing
I’m afraid I’m moving too fast.
Help me to balance my pace,
Breathe some calm into me
Or I’ll explode.

We didn’t plan it this way,
We wanted it to be simple.
I don’t mean to be unabiding
But this complexity
It’s way beyond my control.

The future’s too far from now
It kills me to think about it
We can’t just wait for it to come
Let’s pull it closer to ourselves
Let’s bring it down to now.

2. Trouble

I think I’m in trouble.

No matter how hard I try
I can’t stop thinking ’bout you.

I try to convince myself
This is mere infatuation.
But, truly, I hope it’s not.

I get bored easily these days.
Doesn’t matter so much
Who lies around except
When it’s you present.

I know you didn’t expect this.
You see, I didn’t plan it too–
I never wanted it to happen
That’s how I know I’m in trouble.

The trouble would be lesser
If you are in this with me
But if I’m alone in it
Then my trouble is
Greater than high mountains.