It’s my tradition these days to share resources and information I find interesting and worthwhile with my circle of friends. That’s why today, I’m sharing these few links to the most interesting stuffs I’m reading and listening to.

1. I love the last two episodes of Sola Mathew’s podcast in which he interviewed Sefunmi Ojo, a sickle cell patient with a passion, in her own word, to “be the last generation of sickle cell patients.” For this reason, Sefunmi founded Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Campaign (SCDAC) with the purpose of creating more awareness on what it takes to prevent sickle cell offsprings.

Ps. SCDAC will most likely make an appearance at Icubed Forum on July 15.

2. This Medium article by Raghav Haran is, to me, like a reference material for anyone like me who has a passion for developing their net-worth. Like the title implies, it contains step by step guides on how to network from scratch (including sample messages you could send to the people you are planning to connect with). The link is now part of my bookmarks, I’ll be referring to it many times in my net-worth building journey.

3. Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings is my favourite blog of the moment. Right behind it is another blog I recently stumbled upon, written by Lawretta Egba. Weekly, I look forward to Brain Pickings Sunday newsletter of the best articles of the week and I also watch out for email notifications of Lawreatta’s latest posts. Sometimes, I don’t get to read these until days later, but I ensure I mentally add them to my prioritized to-do-list.

4. Besides Maria Popova’s and Lawretta’s email notifications, one other email notifications that excites me is that of Charles Chu’s The Open Circle newsletter. I feel excited to open each of these emails that looks more like a weekly roundup of what some guy have been up to through the week. I can’t explain why I always feel excited to read these emails, and so I may not be able to convince you. In fact, you might want to go see for yourself by subscribing to the newsletter but you might be disappointed after receiving your first email. I think it’s just kind of a personal thing.

5. Omoya Simult went all, enviably, philosophical in this short article titled Introspection. I found myself literarily rereading many of the few paragraphs of the write-up, because of the indepthness of their message. I can see a New York Times (etc) bestselling author future before this guy.

6. The last but definitely not the least for today, is my single favourite podcast of the moment. The one from which I’m drawing inspirations for my recently started podcast The Doers. Krista Tippett’s On Being podcast is always an appealing experience every time I listen to it. My favorite episode so far is this one on love with Alain de Botton.

Postscript 1: A brilliant quote I culled from Omoya Yinka’s article mentioned above: “The grand failure of others, while we may be sympathetic towards them, consoles us in certain ways, makes us more willing to overlook our own shortcomings.”

[bctt tweet=”The grand failure of others…consoles us, makes us more willing to overlook our own shortcomings. @OmoyaYinka” via=”no”]

Postscript 2: Earlier this week, Odunola Olabintan shared this pics as a WhatsApps status with the caption, “Winter is almost here o”, I replied “We can’t wait! What is dead may never die.” If you understand what this is all about I guess you missing the show already.

Okay, that’s all for now. You might want to check out one of those stuffs I mentioned above. Please do let me know by commenting below (using your Facebook account) if you’ll be checking out any of them or if you’ve previously known any of them.

A quote I’m pondering on
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